Down Home Meals

Down Home Meals

Down Home Meals inspired by great people!

These recipes have been inspired by Moms, Dads, chefs, staff members, and friends in our lives. The common thread is comfort food and love.

All of the following entrees come with tossed salad, starch, bakery rolls and butter plus cookies & brownies.

If you would like to combine two entrees, you may do so at $2.00 per person extra. This will allow us to prepare a little extra of each entree to accommodate the overflow.

Any “Down Home Meal” may be served as a dinner entree for $3.00 extra per person.

Country Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

This wonderfully tasty meatloaf recipe has been around for many years and always goes well with mashed potatoes. We can serve it either with a tangy tomato sauce or brown gravy~Thanks Mom

$10.95 per person

Salisbury Steak

These are not your childhood T.V. dinner steaks! Our fresh, hand formed, and carefully seasoned steaks are roasted perfectly and served in a rich beef gravy. We suggest roasted red potatoes or mashed potatoes to be served on the side~Thanks Uncle Al

$10.95 per person

Beef Stew

This hearty concoction of tender beef tips, chunky carrots, onions & celery, baby red potatoes in a delicious beefy, tomato sauce is sure to make you want to snuggle up by the fireplace. We can serve this in fresh baked bread bowls by request~Thanks Chef Mark

$11.95 per person

Old Fashioned Pot Roast

Very slow cooked beef roast, fork tender, and served in a rich red wine beef gravy with carrots. onions, and new potatoes~Thanks Dad

$13.95 per person

Pork Pot Roast

Slow cooked pork roast to a fall apart tenderness, served in a delicious pork gravy with baby carrots, onions, and baby red potatoes~Thanks Tony

$12.95 per person

Grandioso Lasagna

Even our great Italian friends say “Magnifico”. Our lasagna is handmade with the finest ingredients. Try it with our fresh baked Italian bread and a Caesar salad~Thanks Narice

$11.95 per person

Swedish Meatballs

Our hand rolled meatballs are cooked in a flavorful Swedish sauce and served with buttered noodles~Thanks Mom

$10.95 per person

Slow Roasted Turkey Breast

Tender turkey breast carved and served with mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, stuffing, buttered corn, and cranberry relish~Thanks to Moms everywhere

$11.95 per person

Chicken Divan

Roasted, pulled chicken breast baked with fresh broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce. It goes great served over our wild rice. Originally a brunch dish, but so well received that we put it on our lunch menu~Thanks Chef Marty

$10.95 per person

Chicken Pot Pie

This classic recipe has been enhanced just enough to make it extra delicious. We don’t bake it in a pastry, but we will serve it in a fresh baked bread bowl or on top of mashed potato or our wild rice~Thanks Chef Hector

$10.95 per person

Shepherd’s Pie

This timeless meat pie, with a hint of rosemary and thyme, has a crust of mashed potatoes and makes for a deliciously filling treat~Thanks brother Tom

$11.95 per person

Poppy Seed Chicken

Boneless pulled chicken baked with a creamy, cheesy poppy seed sauce, and a crumbly cracker crust. We love serving this dish with rice and a vegetable if you’d like.~thanks Honey

$11.95 per person

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