Skybucks Rewards

Skybucks Rewards

Cash back! This idea came to me because I love my favorite credit card that gives our company rewards for buying things that we would already normally buy. While I am sure that our quality, service and price will keep you coming back, I figure that it won’t hurt to add an extra incentive and reward your loyalty to Skyline Catering.

All you have to do is order catering like you normally do. We will provide you with 1% cash back in the form of our “Skybucks” for every non-discounted invoice. If you prefer not to get the actual “Skybucks,” then let us know and we will keep a running credit for you.

We will always have a promotion going that will allow you to receive double, triple, and even up to 10 times the amount of “Skybucks” that you get on a daily basis.

Spend the “Skybucks” however you want. Many companies will accumulate them for a period of time and then treat the office or their clients to a lunch on us! So take advantage of our reward program and check our website for monthly specials!

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