Frequently asked questions

Here we present the answers to our clients’ most often asked questions. If we haven’t answered them here, please call us at 414-294-4808.

While our food is of exceptional quality, we believe that only when matched with our dedicated service and ease of ordering will you realize our mission statement. . . To exceed your expectations of corporate and personal catering every time you order from us. To do it in a friendly manner and with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

How far in advance should I order?


Please allow as much advance notice as possible when placing your order. While we will accommodate last minute requests, it is always better for planning and timing deliveries when orders are placed as far in advance as possible.

How is payment processed?

When ordering from us you will automatically be set up with an account so that we can make future ordering much easier for you. Please pay from the invoice; no statement will be sent. Our corporate clients may have up to 30 days to pay. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What should I do with the utensils and dish ware after the event?

While setting up your lunch we make it look attractive with nice baskets, bowls, utensils, chafing dishes, and other valued items. We do this at no extra charge. We will pick these catering supplies up the next business day at no additional charge. Requests for same day supply pickups will be assessed a pickup charge equal to the delivery charge. We ask that all of the equipment is accounted for and easily accessible for our pick up team. We will cater your order in all disposables if you wish, just ask.

Do you charge extra for utensils and plates?

All disposable napkins, plates, and silverware are included with your order. We also offer china, silverware, glassware and linen napkins at an extra charge of $2.50 per person for breakfast and/or lunch and $4.00 per person for dinner. Servers and attendants are offered at $24.00 per hour and licensed bartenders at $30.00 per hour. We dress in casual or formal attire at your request. An automatic 20% service charge will be added to events that require a server or attendant.

What is your delivery charge?

Our downtown Milwaukee delivery and set up charge is $22.00 for an unattended catering order and $12.00 for a box lunch order. We do not charge to pick up empty catering supplies the next business day. Delivery charges will be higher outside of the downtown Milwaukee area. Our Saturday and evening delivery charge is $30.00 in the downtown Milwaukee area.

Do you make evening deliveries?

For evening catering deliveries there will be a strict minimum of 15 guests and the delivery charge increases to $30.00 for downtown Milwaukee.

Do you customize menus?

Always keep in mind while reading our catering menu that we will be happy to customize and create anything that you don’t see. And remember. . . Skyline always delivers on time!

What size events do you cater?


We will serve between 1 person and 3,000 people Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are generally closed on Sundays, but will make special exceptions. Please contact us to inquire about Sunday dates.


Is there a minimum order?


There are no minimum orders Monday – Friday for breakfast and lunch. We have a minimum order of $500 for Saturday’s or, if you prefer, with a $75.00 labor charge you may order for less than the $500 minimum. For evening deliveries there will be a strict minimum of 15 guests and the delivery charge increases to $30.00 for the downtown Milwaukee area.

Do you offer serving attendants?

We offer servers or attendants at $24.00 per hour and bartenders at $30.00/$45.00 per hour (we dress in casual or formal attire at your request). An automatic 20% service charge will be added to catered events that require a server or attendant.

What will your prices be in the future?

Future catering prices may fluctuate slightly due to an unstable energy/consumable market. However, we will do everything possible to hold the line on our current pricing. Printed menu pricing may become outdated, please refer to the website for most current prices.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us